Upcycled Coin Purse, Makeup Bags and Pencil cases


The story:

These cases started off as cut-off organic cotton material from the factory floors of a wind and solar powered factory in India. They were reclaimed and made into recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester tote bags.

We had an order for these from a customer of ours, a lovely two colour print on one side. We printed them beautifully, packed them up, sent them on their way, only o find out that our positives printer (the last digital influence in our screenprinting process) had altered the design ever so slightly. Its happened twice in 9 years, but this time we didn't pick it up!

So we ordered another batch, re-configured the artwork, and printed them again.

Fairly annoyed that we'd wasted 100 tote bags that had come from waste themselves. We started to figure out ways we could re-use the bags.

These Coin Purses, Make-Up bags and Pencil cases are the first of many.

Reclaimed material, upcycled...twice!

The design is by Megan Reddi and the fabric is 220gsm Twill from 60% Recycled Organic Cotton, 40% Recycled Polyester, printed with a two colour repeat pattern with 100% waterbased inks. The make-up bags are lined with 100% organic cotton.

Posted within 24hrs of order (excluding weekends) with Royal Mail 1st Class service.